What clients have said about me (excerpt)

Legal professional privilege

The highest value of the lawyer’s contract is the legal professional privilege. Therefore, I generally do not publish who my clients are, and which cases they have. It is another matter if my clients have explicitly given their consent for this.

Nevertheless, I can share the following client comments about me, anonymised and with date supplied:

More client testimonials

12.11.2019 „Thank you very much – from my point of view the explanatory statement is just perfect.
19.10.2019 „Many thanks for your helpful and quick assistance. I will recommend your services.“
16.09.2019 „Thank you for the letter. Very well written and very clearly put. Honest and straightforward.“
05.09.2019 „Thank you for your effort and all the best. I will come back to your if another problem arises.“
30.08.2019 „Wow, I am impressed! Thank you very much for your great work.“
28.08.2019 „Thank you very much for your effort and the letter.“
21.08.2019 „Thank you for the quick handling and your very precise letter.“
07.08.2019 „Perfect, just like I imagined your letter! Thank you very much.“
27.06.2019 „Very good letter – You have my approval.“
22.05.2019 „I am very happy with your solution. Thank you so much for your successful effort.“
09.05.2019 „I will always be thankful that you solved the matter in such a smooth and fast way. You are guilty of my happiness ??.“
09.04.2019 „Thanks a lot for the supportive talk today and the very fast sending of the draft.“
05.04.2019 „Thank you for your quick feedback. That is the way a collaboration should work.“
28.02.2019 „Things are moving along because of your help. Thank you!“
21.02.2019 „It is great this way! Very well written!“
11.02.2019 „Thank you so much for your effort. We got off lightly thanks to your councelling! “
01.02.2019 „Thank you for your email concerning the statement. This is just excellent!“
22.01.2019 „Thanks again for your helpful assistance!“
04.01.2019 „Could you recommend a colleague of yours. Should be as meticulous as you and quick in grasping correlations.“
25.10.2018 „My wife and I are very pleased with the document you provided.“
18.10.2018 „Just perfect, good work, thank you!“
28.09.2018 „We thank you whole-heartedly for sorting out this issue!“
19.09.2018 „The issue finally resolved to my content – also because of your advice – thank you!“
13.09.2018 „So it is time to say thank you for your work and your counselling. You alway helped me with sophisticated advice!“
12.09.2018 „Thank you for yesterday. I slept so much better than the nights before.“
01.08.2018 „Thank you so much for your calm and discreet proceeding. You safed us!!!“.
27.07.2018 „Now I want to thank you for your counselling which I am very satisfied with. Also a big thank you to your friendly staff.
22.06.2018 „First of all many thanks for the informative and pleasant talk yesterday at your office.“
05.06.2018 „Thank you for your counselling. Best regards and a nice day.“
05.06.2018 „Thank you for your help. I am glad that we could resolve the matter so quickly.“
04.06.2018 „You represented me exellently last year. Thank you so much for your competent guidance. I need you help again and I would like to get in touch for further counselling.“
22.05.2018 „Thank you for your quick handling.“
17.04.2018 „Thank you very much for your quick, short but competent reply.“
25.04.2018 „Dear Dr. Franke. I want you to further represent me. You know all about my case and I feel calm when I know you by my side.“
20.04.2018 „We wanted to thank you and your team for the friendly guidance and your attentiveness.“
04.04.2018 „Thank you for being so fast.“
03.04.2018 „I am very thankful for your outstanding work.“
20.03.2018 „Dear Mr. Franke ?. It is excellent that you are so quick! I think that cuts right to the chase.“
08.03.2018 „We are very thankful for your help and effort.“
05.03.2018 „Thank you for the quick handling – excellent as always.“
28.02.2018 „Dear Dr. Franke, thank you so much for your successful support – I am enthusiastic about the result!“
19.01.2018 „Your letter displays exactly the circumstances. We stand by it 100% and ask you to send it out.“
18.01.2018 „Thank you for the appointment today and your competent counselling.“
12.12.2017 „The letter is well-worded, thank you!“
11.12.2017 „I value your professinal help highly and I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.“
10.11.2017 „Thank you Dr. Franke for your excellent and discreet support.“
10.11.2017 „Thank you for the quick handling of this matter!“
20.10.2017 „Thank you for your competent guidance and your immediate help.“
09.10.2017 „Dear Dr.Franke I would like to confirm your draft. I appreciate for all your help.“
08.11.2017 „If I may I would contact you again at all times if needed. Thank you so much for your standby.“
06.10.2017 „I got the feeling that you are not only very experienced and smart, but also a very patient, kind and considerate person. And your English is also very good so we can communicate very well.“
28.08.2017 „You have my thanks for our very nice first conversation. I felt that you understand me which gave me hope as the current situation is putting a strain on me.“
24.07.2017 „Thank you for helping us achieve a good conclusion to our case. You are a trustworthy and reliable partner. We will contact you again if the need should arise.“
17.07.2017 „Thank you very much for your assistance. I will recommend your expertise regarding labour law.“
07.07.2017 „I gladly gave you a high rating on anwalt.de as your formulation were really helpful! Thank you very much for that.“
30.05.2017 „Thank you for your effort, particularly the short-term and detailed handling of our concern.“
12.05.2017 „Your composition is very good as always! Short and precise – exactly what matters!“
11.05.2017 „Thank you very much for your quick reply to my email. It is good to see how much you care.“
02.05.2017 „We want to say thank you for your help and assistance.“
27.04.2017 „Thank you very much for your prompt actions.“
20.04.2017 „Thank you for the pleasant collaboration – we will get back to you if any questions regarding employment law should arise.“
23.03.2017 „Many thanks for your letter, it did work out perfectly!“
22.03.2017 „I thank you again for your active support.“
10.3.2017 „Your formulation was very successful the last time so I am sure it will be this time.“
27.02.2017 „Thank you for your reply and for your advice“
16.02.2017 „Thank you very much – your correspondence is formulated accurately.“
03.02.2017 „Thank you for the very well written pleading.“
12.01.2017 „If the need arises I would be glad to be represented by you. I am really thankful for your counselling so far.“
11.01.2017 „You illustrated the matter concise and to the point. Please use your suggestion without further extension“
15.12.2016 „We thank you for the pleasant and successful collaboration and wish you merry festive days and a happy new year.“
28.11.2016 „I’d like to say thank you for the excellent counselling.“
29.09.2016 „We would like to say thank you for your new composition of the writing 🙂 We are satisfied with the content and would like you to get it on the way. Thanks a lot.“
21.09.2016 „I am pleased with the consistency you showed to bring closure to this matter.“
01.09.2016 „Thank you very much for stressing my request in this matter.“
03.03.2016 „Many thanks again for the service.“
10.02.2016 „I want to thank you for your work, I am very satisfied with you.“
04.02.2016 „Thank you so much for your professional legal representation!“
28.01.2016 „Thank you for your prompt reply – I think the written statement is great. thank you!“
14.12.2015 „Thank you for your excellent support. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and a happy new year 2016.“
25.11.2015 „Thank you for your efforts, and for the resulting smooth running and good outcome of your negotiations for us today!“
18.08.2015 „I thank you again for the kind and competent support during my case. Of course, tomorrow I will transfer the costs. If I need legal aid again, I will happily to come to you… “
02.07.2015 „Thank you for your efforts in this unpleasant case. It was very kind of you to write to the district court again… “
26.05.2015 „…Thank you that you tried again to make some more progress financially in my damages case. I did not expect this… Overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out. The relatively low cost was worth it to avert prosecution after having caused an accident…“
21.05.2015 „Many thanks to you for your service“
05.05.2015 „I want to thank you very much. You immediately understood that it wasn’t about the money, but the accusation… I felt that I was taken seriously during the whole thing, and that I was in good hands. I will get in touch as soon as I need you again…“
21.04.2015 “this is very good, thank you for notifying me..“
17.04.2015 „I received very good advice from you during my last problem with employment law. Now I have a new topic that I would like to ask for your support with.“
25.05.2015 „Thanks again for your excellent support and guidance over the past two months. Your advice has given us security. It was very convenient that you were always available at short notice for appointments and further inquiries…“
10.03.2015 „The money arrived in my account, and with that I think that the matter is settled. I continue to say a big thanks again for all your efforts…“
03.03.2015 „Thanks again for your efforts in the trial. It’s all been received as discussed, and with that completed.“
14.01.2015 „Thank you for the good news, and the successful result of your efforts“
18.11.2014 „It made me very happy to hear from you again, and especially with such a positive message!“
29.10.2014 „The letter is great…“
14.10.2014 „…Thanks so much for your prompt and open response, whereby a brief was not required! (Now that’s a positive experience, as opposed to our previous experience with lawyers), please excuse my direct opinion“
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