What clients have said about me (excerpt)

„Thank you very much – from my point of view the explanatory statement is just perfect.“

„Thank you for your quick feedback. That is the way a collaboration should work.“

„The issue finally resolved to my content – also because of your advice – thank you!“

„I am very thankful for your outstanding work.“

„Thank you for your competent guidance and your immediate help.“

Legal professional privilege

The highest value of the lawyer’s contract is the legal professional privilege. Therefore, I generally do not publish who my clients are, and which cases they have. It is another matter if my clients have explicitly given their consent for this.

Nevertheless, I can share the following client comments about me, anonymised and with date supplied:

Date Best Ratings Employment Law Stuttgart
17.03.2021 „Your email surprised me because no other lawyer responded the way you did. I will gladly recommend you to both my privat and business contacts.“
28.02.2021 „I am very thankful for your solution and your outstanding attendance in this matter. It could not have been better.“
11.01.2021 „Such good news. I am very happy about that. Good that I never gave in. And a big thank you, that you never left me alone.“
30.10.2020 „Thank you for your good work! I wish you nothing but success for all you future negotiations. Stay healthy during the pandemic!“
01.09.2020 „Thank you for your draft. Very well written!“
19.08.2020 „Thank you for your fantastic commitment.“
08.07.2020 „Thank you so much Mr. Franke. We will stay in touch, I will contact you if something comes up and of course recommend your services.
Nice to know that there are people like you out there :-)“
24.04.2020 „Today I received the confirmation. You can close the case now. I wish you all the best and I am thankful for your help.“
25.03.2020 „I am very thankful for you timely notification. I have to admit this is the first time I am content with a lawyer. Great guidance, help and assistance – both from a professinal and a human perspective. I know who will represent me in the future!”
18.02.2020 „I will gladly get back to you if I need help again. Thank you for your offer!“
23.01.2020 „Thank you, thank you for your work.“
19.10.2019 „Many thanks for your helpful and quick assistance. I will recommend your services.“
05.09.2019 „Thank you for your effort and all the best. I will come back to your if another problem arises.“
28.08.2019 „Thank you very much for your effort and the letter.“
07.08.2019 „Perfect, just like I imagined your letter! Thank you very much.“
22.05.2019 „I am very happy with your solution. Thank you so much for your successful effort.“
09.04.2019 „Thanks a lot for the supportive talk today and the very fast sending of the draft.“
28.02.2019 „Things are moving along because of your help. Thank you!“
11.02.2019 „Thank you so much for your effort. We got off lightly thanks to your councelling! “
22.01.2019 „Thanks again for your helpful assistance!“
Date Best Ratings Contract Law Stuttgart
13.04.2021 „Thank you very much for everything. I have never before met such a helpful lawyer before.“
04.02.2021 „Good evening Mr. Franke, thank you for your reply and the documents attached. I am very thankful for your help and I wish you the best for the future. Stay well and keep doing such a good job! Worth every cent.“
03.12.020 „Because of my occupation I will maybe have to recommend an outstanding lawyer in the future. That lawyer will be you.“
15.09.2020 „Thank you so much for your assistance!“
21.08.2020 „For your dynamic commitment I am thankful. You are giving me hope that this sinister game will find an end soon.“
15.07.2020 „Thank you very much for your help Mr. Franke.“
29.05.2020 „First of all a big thank you for your impressive commitment. You are a lawyer I would like to have in my area. ;)“
21.04.2020 „Thank you for your competent counselling and for clarifying all of my questions.“
21.02.2020 „Thank you so much for your good work“
27.01.2020 „Mr. Franke, you did excellent work. I am looking forward to collaborating with you on this issue.“
12.11.2019 „Thank you very much – from my point of view the explanatory statement is just perfect.”
16.09.2019 „Thank you for the letter. Very well written and very clearly put. Honest and straightforward.“
30.08.2019 „Wow, I am impressed! Thank you very much for your great work.“
21.08.2019 „Thank you for the quick handling and your very precise letter.“
27.06.2019 „Very good letter – You have my approval.“
09.05.2019 „I will always be thankful that you solved the matter in such a smooth and fast way. You are guilty of my happiness ??.“
05.04.2019 „Thank you for your quick feedback. That is the way a collaboration should work.“
21.02.2019 „It is great this way! Very well written!“
01.02.2019 „Thank you for your email concerning the statement. This is just excellent!“
04.01.2019 „Could you recommend a colleague of yours. Should be as meticulous as you and quick in grasping correlations.“